The Tao of Fertility

The Tao of Fertility : A Healing Chinese Medicine Program to Prepare Body, Mind, and Spirit for New Life

eBook PDF The Tao of Fertility : A Healing Chinese Medicine Program to Prepare Body, Mind, and Spirit for New Life Download Full File

With infertility statistics soaring, a growing number of women are embracing natural approaches to enhance fertility and de-stress during rigorous, emotionally draining treatments. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is powerful in supporting fertility because it treats body, mind, and spirit - all must be strong to conceive. "The Tao of Fertility" is the first book combining a practical plan for conceiving using TCM with empowering Taoist principles that can carry the reader not just through pregnancy and birth, but through life in general. Readers learn to boost their chances of conception as Dr. Dao shares the dietary plans, recipes, herbal supplements, meditative exercises, and self-applied acupressure he uses so successfully with his patients. The methods are inexpensive and accessible. A detailed questionnaire helps women discover their personal fertility profile, followed by methods to calm and strengthen the body to receive and nourish new life.Enriched by powerful stories of women who became pregnant using TCM, this is a compassionate, comprehensive handbook.
It includes: a questionnaire assessing fertility potential; a 28-Day fertility enhancement program synchronized to the menstrual cycle; fertility-enhancing herbs; simple meditations and acupressure points to improve reproductive circulation and relaxation; how to map your fertility using Chinese methods of diagnosis; eating plans for pregnancy, postpartum, and while breastfeeding. Chapters on specific fertility challenges, with stories from women who became pregnant by incorporating Dr. Dao's methods into their treatment; the Taoist perspective on pregnancy loss, adoption, surrogacy, egg donors, and living without children.

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