Full-time Writing/Editing

I began my journalism career in 1997; I’d moved to western Illinois and noticed a small advertisement in the local daily paper for a Special Sections Editor. My formal experience with writing and editing had been limited to being a blogger (though we didn’t call it that, then) for Twentysomething Parents and Loci.com (Barnes & Noble’s attempt to create an online community for college students). I’d taken a graphic design course at a community college (using some obsolete technology, probably Corel Draw), but other than that I had no knowledge of graphic design. Both editing and design experience were advertised as “essential” to the Special Sections Editor position — but I didn’t let that deter me. I walked into the office, asked to speak to the Managing Editor, and proceeded to talk my way into the job. By the second day, I was designing pages in Quark Xpress — including the front page on Day Three — and thus was launched a career. After 9/11, I was laid off from my then-job as a Business Editor for the Sun-Times Media Group’s chain of daily suburban Chicago newspapers, which I took as an opportunity to go back to school to finish my degree, then earn two MAs. I resumed my journalism career after graduate school. Every job since then, I’ve left only because I’ve been laid off. I continue to love the world of journalism — but for now freelancing is how I continue to pursue that love as a way to supplement my income as I work my way up the ladder of the book publishing world. 

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